Capturing traditional recipes throughout the world.


Who are The Recipe Hunters?

Follow Anthony and Leila as they travel the world in search for traditional recipes that are handed down from generation to generation. Once they find a local cook or artisan food maker who is passionate about keeping their family's culinary tradition alive, they record that person's story and document the entire process of making their traditional specialty with photography, video, and writing.

Anthony grew up in Garden City, NY in an Italian-American household with an older sister and younger brother. His natural passion for food and operations developed through countless Sunday meals where he would sneak into the kitchen and try the sauce. He calls it quality control.

Leila is a Lebanese American, who grew up in Duxbury, Massachusetts, alongside 4 brothers and sisters. She loves cooking Lebanese food like hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouli, molokhia, and artichokes (her favorite food). Leila is in her element when she is in nature and with animals. She loves fires, clay ovens and baking.

Follow their journey:

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Their adventure with Pivothead

Anthony and Leila sharing a few of their many favorite experiences while wearing Pivothead.  From searching for the rare pimientos of Herbon to parting the sea of bikers in Vietnam. Pivothead camera glasses allow you to stay in the moment while also capturing the whole story from beginning to end.

The Search for Pimientos

See The Recipe Hunters video collection here.

Parting the Sea of Bikers

Stay in the Moment

Capture those perfect memories like Leila and Anthony have.

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