Live Stream.


Live Mod


Fuel Mod

Battery Boost

Share Instantly

The Live Mod enables you to wirelessly (2.4Ghz) share your broadcast to your personal Pivothead TV channel for the world to see.

The Fuel Mod extends battery life up to 75 minutes of recording time or 40 minutes of streaming.

Mobile Apps


SMART Control App

Choose desired technical settings like frame rate, exposure, white balance and more. In addition, control SMART glasses remotely without any touch to the glasses.


Pivothead LIVE App

Manage your personal Pivothead TV channel as you interact with followers, schedule live streams, and engage with other streamers across the network.

The ultimate live streaming package.


Broadcast your true point-of-view.


With a simple setup of your broadcast channel, live stream your point of view in real time with a one-touch gesture or a quick click on the Pivothead Live app.

  • Perfect for events, concerts & key moments
  • Let your audience see your perspective
  • Interact & engage with the community