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The Basics

1) Charge

Insert charging cable into right temple. Steady green LED indicates charging is complete.

2) Storage

Insert Micro SD card into left temple hinge

3) Power

Press the power button on inside of left temple. Steady blue LED indicates eyewear is on.

Capture and Download Media


4) Swipe

Swipe forward to start a video. Swipe forward again to stop. Flashing red LED indicates capture.

5) Tap

Tap to capture photos. Tap twice to capture burst shots. Tap three times to start/stop a time-lapse.

6) Download

Download media from left temple with the cable end labeled "L" and provide power into the right temple with the cable end labeled "R."


Touch Gestures

Start/Stop Recording

Swipe forward forward to start and stop video recording. 

Capture a Photo

Tap once with one finger to capture a single image. 

Capturing a Burst Photo

Tap twice with one finger to capture a burst. 


Start/Stop Time-Lapse

Tap three times with one finger to start and stop a time-lapse.

Capturing a Grab

Tap once with two fingers to capture a grab.

Start/Stop Streaming

Swipe backward to start and stop broadcasting.






  • Video Recording Status
  • Image Capture Status
  • Time-Lapse/Burst Capture Status 
  • Low Memory 
  • Low Power 

Blue LED

  • On/Off 
  • Standby Status
  • Low Power 
  • Low Memory 

Green LED

  • Charging Status
  • Blinking is charging
  • Goes off when fully charged


White LED

  • Media Capture Completed
  • Settings Change Confirmation
  • SMARTMOD Wi-Fi Connection Lost
  • Low Power
  • Low Memory

Orange LED

  • Media Capture Initiated 
  • Glasses Successfully Paired
  • SMARTMOD Wi-Fi Connection


Green LED

  • LIVE SMARTMOD operation status

Blue LED

  • LIVE SMARTMOD Wi-Fi Status


  • Eyewear Broadcast Status

SMART Control App

1) Connect

Connect a Bluetooth 4.0 compatible device.

2) Configure

Configure eyewear and camera settings.

3) Capture

Capture images, Start/stop recording, bursts and time-lapses.

iOS 9.0 or later | Android 4.3 or later with Bluetooth 4.0 capability

Pivothead LIVE App

Pivothead Desktop App

Transfer recorded media, change camera settings, update firmware and more...

Windows 7 or later | OSX Yosemite or later | Java 1.8 and above

The Fuel Mod

Step 1: Dock

Open right temple flap. Use locator pin to dock Fuel Mod into eyewear USB.

Step 2: Charge

Flip switch to the front to charge the eyewear. Charges eyewear whether they are in use or not. Blinking left green LED on eyewear indicates charging. 

Step 3: Recharge

Flip switch to the rear and use USB adaptor to recharge the Fuel Mod. Steady blue LED indicates charging is complete. 


The Live Mod


Dock the Fuel SMARTMOD into the right temple and switch on to charge eyewear. Then dock the LIVE SMARTMOD into the left temple and power on SMART. LIVE Mod is booting when green LED on right is blinking.

Connect using the SMART Mobile App (Android, iOS) Navigate to the connect menu and select connect to Wi-FI at the bottom. 

Choose your LIVE SMARTMOD™ Wi-Fi network (liveMOD_XXXXXXXXXXXX) and confirm. There is no default password. 


Set up your live channel.


Join the Pivothead LIVE beta.

Learn how you can join the Pivothead LIVE Beta and start broadcasting your POV to your family, friends, and fans today.

Having issues?

Make sure you have power.

SMART does require power - so if you skipped The Fundamentals Step 3 - head back above and charge up your device.

  • Check to make sure SMART and Fuel Mod are both fully charged. 
  • Use the supplied Y Micro USB cable.
    (other cables don't always meet our rigid quality standards)

Try a hard factory reset.

SMART operates on sophisticated software - and sometimes software is...well...soft. A hard reset might do the trick. Here's how to do it.

  • Remove all SMARTMOD™  accessories and cables from the back of SMART.
  • Find, press, and hold the power button down for ~15 seconds. All LEDs will turn off.  You've now reset SMART.  

Still having troubles?

No problem, we're here to help. Head to Pivothead Support.