The Camera



Brilliant HD Video

Adjustable Resolutions & Frame Rate

Multiple Focus Settings

Auto Exposure & White Balance

Multiple Settings Options




Stunning Photos

8 Megapixel

Auto Focus

Burst Capture Mode

Time Lapse Mode



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Modular Functionality


Battery Boost

The Fuel Mod is hot swappable and provides operating and recharging power to your eyewear

Live Stream

The Live Mod enables one touch live streaming to the internet



The Live Mod Pro enables bidirectional communication


Learn More about the PivotSIP Telepresence Pilot



Simple Touch Gestures



Expandable Memory

SMART takes up to a 32GB Micro SDHC Card.

Street-Smart HUD

Shows status of charging, streaming, recording and more.



A design for every look.


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Mobile Apps

Not Essential for operating the eyewear, but nice to have when on the go.



Control your settings when it matters most with mobile app and bluetooth connection to control and share bite-sized content.

  • Remote capture
  • Change imaging settings on the go                                                       


  • Connect to WIFI
  • Configure Settings
  • Go Live