The most advanced wearable camera.







Shoot HD video.

Capture crisp images.

Live stream your perspective.

All from a pair of shades.


Brilliant HD Video

Record full 1080p HD video from your true perspective while being completely hands-free.

Capture your thrilling roller coaster moments.

Document your work for training other team members.

Never miss your child's first steps, first bike ride, or first words.

Stay in the moment, and relive them with SMART.



Crisp 8mp Images


In the world today, photography transcends time as a dignified medium to illustrate life's greatest moments from your point of view.

With Pivothead, you will never leave home without an HD camera — ready to snap that candid shot at any given time.

•  Single Shot mode                                         
•  Burst mode to ensure you get the shot    
•  Time-Lapse mode for creative use               






Live Stream

Extend battery life and broadcast instantly with the Fuel and Live Mod extensions.


Battery Boost

The Fuel SMARTMOD extends battery life up to 75 minutes of recording time or 40 minutes of streaming.

Share Instantly

The Live SMARTMOD enables you to wirelessly (2.4Ghz) share your broadcast to your personal Pivothead.TV channel for the world to see.



Channel Yourself

With a simple setup of your broadcast channel, live stream your point of view in real time with a one-touch gesture or a quick click on the Pivothead Live app.

  • Perfect for events, concerts & key moments
  • Let your audience see your perspective
  • Interact & engage with the community


Share Instantly

Control your settings when it matters most with mobile app and bluetooth connection to control and share bite-sized content.

•  Remote capture                                                 
•  Change image settings on-the-go                    
•  Stream to your channel              



A design for every look.



Simple Touch Gestures



Expandable Memory

Up to 32GB Micro SDHC Card


Shows status of charging, streaming, recording and more.


Tech Specs

Get more detailed on what's behind the camera.

Get your pair.

Join the SMART Movement.