Denver, October 17, 2013 – Citing access to talent, a business-friendly tax environment and outstanding quality of life, Pivothead Wearable Imaging has relocated the company’s North American offices from New York City to Denver.

The first to engineer and mass market professional-grade photo and video capture functionality in an eyewear platform, Pivothead Wearable Imaging is at the forefront of a wearable technology trend that is changing people’s perceptions and expectations of eyewear.

The move to Denver will allow the company to operate in a more strategic location for expanding the brand’s retail presence, particularly in the outdoor specialty, consumer electronics and big box sporting goods markets. Moreover, the more comfortable cost of doing business in the Denver metropolitan area will allow Pivothead to focus resources in an effort to speed development of next generation technology.

“Colorado has a highly relevant and abundant talent pool, and that is the oxygen needed for fast growing companies,” said Christopher Cox, founder and president of Pivothead. “The state’s collective enthusiasm for startups, combined with the well educated workforce is helping to drive a new economy renaissance that is very attractive for tech companies such as Pivothead.”

Key personnel from the New York operation have transitioned to the Colorado office, and the company has filled several positions at the new location, with more expected to follow.

Added Cox, “New York was great for Pivothead during our initial start-up phase, but as we grow and expand our operations, Colorado offers us the opportunity to scale much faster with more physical space and great talent. The mountains, climate and adventure-oriented lifestyle of Colorado also mesh well with our company culture.”

About Pivothead
Founded in 2010, Pivothead is a motley crew of adventurous innovators bent on revolutionizing behaviors surrounding peoples’ interaction with imaging technologies in their daily lives.
Pivothead’s High-Definition -- Hands Free™ video platform liberates video creation by providing new realms of possibility for people of all walks of life to capture new and unique perspectives that pre-Pivothead, have either been too inconvenient to capture, or just downright impossible.
Pivothead is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of various technologies. Incorporating the best imaging quality and dynamic camera features will always important, but pushing the envelope beyond the scope of the traditional digital camera is our mission. With ever more bold development projects in our design pipeline, we are keen on making our devices integrate and communicate in a useful way within an ever-connected digital and wireless ecosystem that we increasingly find surrounding our lives.