ESPN gives viewers a unique perspective of Wichita State’s perfect season

Denver, March 4, 2014 – Using wearable imaging technology from Pivothead, ESPN was able to give its viewers a unique look at what it was like on the floor of Charles Koch Arena at Saturday’s Wichita State University (WSU) men’s basketball game.

Outfitted with Pivothead Wearable Imaging eyewear, WSU redshirt freshman Zach Bush, a member of the WSU band and a fan, captured their True Point-of-View (POV) of the final game of WSU’s perfect 31-0 regular season. The resulting footage was compiled and edited for broadcast on ESPN’s flagship program SportsCenter.

Providing professional-grade, full HD 1080p video, crisp audio, four focus settings and full control settings in an exceptionally durable and low-profile eyewear platform, Pivothead gives broadcasters the ability to capture True Point-of-View (POV) perspectives that have previously been inconvenient or impossible to achieve.

Pivothead’s ease of use, $269 price point, and industry leading image quality and recording time, have made the imaging eyewear popular with professional sports franchises and broadcasters seeking to integrate the unique perspective made possible by smartglasses .

This summer, Pivothead will launch their second generation product, Pivothead SMART, which will be the first smartglass capable of streaming hours of live HD (1080p) video.

According to Pivothead founder and president, Chris Cox, this new technology has the potential to change not just broadcasting, but the in-stadium fan experience as well.

“Our strategy is to work together with the sports industry to create unique opportunities for broadcasting true point-of-view video to Jumbotrons, integration to second screen premium applications, and general in-broadcast use of PoV video before, during and after the event. All can help broadcasters create unique, innovative content to improve the overall fan experience and interaction.”  

ESPN expects to continue using Pivothead throughout the basketball tournament season.

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About Pivothead  

Founded in 2010, Pivothead was the first to engineer and mass-market professional-grade photo and video functionality using high-performance, full HD, video encoding low power System-on-Chip (SoC) in an eyewear platform.  With a true point-of-view, hands- and mount-free format, Pivothead is dedicated to innovating simple, compelling and more convenient ways to capture your world.

Headquartered in Denver, Pivothead’s award winning products can be found at electronics, sporting goods and specialty outdoor retailers across the United States and in more than a dozen countries.