New York, June 11, 2012 – Pivothead, a pacesetter in the field of high-tech imaging eyewear, has made its versatile video capture system Wi-Fi enabled with the introduction of the Air Pivothead Wi-Fi Drive.

The first to engineer and mass market professional-grade photo and video capture functionality in an eyewear platform, Pivothead offers full HD video recording, 8MP still photos and a range of quality-enhancing features like four focus settings, exposure and ISO controls, face tracking and a variety of mode settings.

Used in conjunction with the free Pivothead app and a smartphone or tablet device, the two-by-two-inch Air Pivothead accessory builds on the convenience and versatility of Pivothead’s mount- and hands-free platform. Air Pivothead creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that allows users to access files directly from the glasses so they can easily view, download and share videos and photos when on-the-go.

Access the Pivothead Control Settings interface on your smartphone or tablet

Wireless viewing of photos and videos on your smartphone or tablet

Wireless transfer of photo and video files directly to a smartphone or tablet

Two-way Wi-Fi channel allows for wireless transfer of any file from your smartphone or tablet to SD Card or USB flash drive

Share files from your glasses, smartphone or tablet with up to five users simultaneously

WLAN connection creates wireless hotspot for up to five users within 50 feet

Acts as power bank for connected devices

Air Pivothead is USB, SD and WLAN compatible

 “Air Pivothead marks our first foray into wireless technology and is a fun and highly useful compliment to our video recording eyewear product line,” said Pivothead founder Christopher Cox. “The most useful feature in my book, is the ability for people to access and manipulate the full dashboard of control settings wirelessy via personal mobile devices without the need for a computer nearby.”

Air Pivothead retails for $99 USD and will be available online beginning July 5.

About Pivothead  

Founded in 2010, Pivothead is a motley crew of adventurous innovators bent on revolutionizing behaviors surrounding peoples’ interaction with imaging technologies in their daily lives.

Pivothead’s High-Definition -- Hands Free™ video platform liberates video creation by providing new realms of possibility for people of all walks of life to capture new and unique perspectives. Incorporating the best imaging quality and dynamic camera features while pushing the envelope beyond the scope of the traditional digital camera is our mission.  With ever more bold development projects in our design pipeline, we are keen on making our devices integrate and communicate in a useful way within an ever-connected digital and wireless ecosystem that we increasingly find surrounding our lives.