Live Streaming & Remote Control Media App for Local Environments


Available for Window PC only

Available for Window PC only

Stream in HD Video & Audio

Control the Glasses from the PC

Auto Detect, Auto Play, Auto Record the stream for single individual operation

Tag snapshots with Time/Date Stamps

Remote control video and photo grabs with instant WIFI Sync








Remote Camera & Wireless Sync


Trigger & sync 8MP photos from the glasses

Trigger & sync 1080p recordings

Auto sync, auto open, auto save



Let the Operator Focus on the Task at Hand

Drive the Glasses & Media from the PC



Drive the Stream as DIY Solo Operator

Automatic Stream Discovery & Record



Adjust Resolution, Bit Rate, and Focus Settings


  • 1080p

  • 720p

  • WVGA

Bit Rates:

  • .5Mb/s to 5MB/s

Focus Settings:

  • Auto

  • Continuous Auto

  • Fixed

  • Macro






Free with Pivothead Eyewear + Live Mod