Secure Streaming on Local Area Network



Pivothead Local Streaming PC Desktop App

Connect to the Live Mod in AP Mode

Allows remote control stream from the PC

Take stream snapshots with time stamp tag

Auto record option for every each live stream

Select native PC file path

Full screen 16:9 viewing and recording






Flexible.  Configurable.  Simple.

Record & Wireless Sync High Res Media Files

RTMP/RTSP Streaming

Low latency

2.4Ghz WIFI (see Live Mod Pro for 5Ghz bandwidth)

Stream to other media players such as VLC with RTSP/RTMP URL

Connect directly to the Live Mod in AP mode, or view from multiple terminals by connectingto a router and finding the IP address of the Live mod


Resolution & Bit Rate Control

Resolutions:                             Bit Rates:                                        Details Captured:

1080p                                                        .5Mb/s                                                             Auto Focus

720p                                                          .75Mb/s                                                           Macro Focus

WVGA                                                       1Mb/s                                                               Fixed Focus

                                                                    Manual input up to 5Mb/s                 


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