Right eyes.  Right solution.  Right now.

Right Eyes. Right Solution. Right Now.

Drive organizational productivity by deploying your knowledge resources to

any situation, in any location, at any time of need.



Enabling True Point-of-View Operational Insight


Accurately communicate hands-on, complex tasks



Reduce travel frequency & costs

Service your customer faster

Reduce downtime

Eliminate tribal knowledge

Provide better training

Document tasks and jobs effortlessly

Standardize work instructions

Eliminate checklists & paper reports



Industrial Compliant Safety Eyewear



Innovative Business Solutions


Microsoft's Seeing AI incorporated with Pivothead to help people who are visually impaired or blind to better understand who and what is around them.

Document & Share

Capture High Quality POV HD video & Photos.  Auto-sync to your servers.


Live Streaming Cloud Platform

Internal company streaming portal with dedicated employee broadcast channels


Local On Premise Streaming

Stream within your infrastructure and over a local area network

Intel CEO shows off an application for a passive AI quality control inspector, running an Airbus developed app with Pivothead.


Develop Unique POV Apps

Connect to third party servers for computer vision & AI applications


POV Telepresence

Initiate and receive video VoIP conference calls natively within the eyewear.  In select corporate pilots. 

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Drive Efficiency Gains Now

Slash Travel Costs.  Accelerate Communications.  Improve Productivity.  Cut Operating Costs.