Pivothead for Business

Right eyes. Right solution. Right now.

Accelerate your organization's productivity by leveraging SMART and Portal: a live streaming POV platform built for business.


A private streaming POV platform for your team.


Communicate complex tasks in real time.

Pivothead SMART device sets are configured to individual employee channels within your organization's portal.

With Portal, technicians are able to live stream complex tasks to remote engineers and management, ensuring the task is completed on time and up to standard. The best part is, it's all hands-free.

Eliminate checklists and spreadsheets.

Instead of spending time on checklists and spreadsheets that declare the job completed to standard, stream the entire job through your point of view, leaving job completion proven with complete visual documentation.

Stream a project walkthrough to your clients by providing a temporary public link. Your clients can view the status of the project immediately, giving your customer peace of mind, transparency and better service.



Manage media and devices from anywhere.

With Portal's Admin Panel and Dashboard, deployment and management is seamless.


Portal's Admin Panel allows you to manage your portal's users, devices, and saved broadcasts through a simple interface.

Add a new user to your portal in less than a minute. A simple click assigns a device to their channel, making deployment and management of the glasses easy and effortless - especially for the end user.

All of your broadcasts are saved to the Cloud. Add tags to your streams such as maintenance record number, part number, customer or vendor to make your saved videos instantly searchable for viewing or download.



Stay connected with mobile companion apps.

iOS and Android apps allow your team to stay connected, even outside the office.



Change settings like frame rate, exposure, white balance and more. In addition, control SMART glasses remotely without any touch to the glasses.



Connect the device to a Wifi network for streaming, turn on/off sound and LED notifications, change the resolution of your stream, and view your team's channels and live streams while on the go.


Leverage Portal.

Slash Travel Costs.  Accelerate Communications.  Improve Productivity.  Cut Operating Costs.