Right eyes.  Right solution.  Right now.

Right eyes. Right solution. Right now.

Drive organizational productivity by deploying your knowledge resources to

any situation, in any location, at any time of need.


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Boost Human Intensive Operational Efficiences

Accurately communicate hands-on, complex tasks


Reduce travel frequency & costs

Service your customer more efficiently

Reduce downtime

Eliminate tribal knowledge

Provide training faster & more cost effectively

Standardize work instructions & SOPs

Eliminate checklists & paper reports


Point of View Live Streaming Company Portal

Cloud Service Platform Features

  • Create dedicated employee live streaming channels

  • Private & secure communications for your team

  • Record live streams in the cloud

  • Playback live streams on demand

  • Manage devices, users, and media

  • Title, tag, share, and download

  • 'Live Now' Dashboard view of your team's channels

  • Generate public links for customers and vendors to  view select live streams



Industrial Compatible

  • ANSI Z.87.1 safety rated eyewear option available

  • Stream an entire shift with any power bank

  • Stream small text, textures and fine blemishes

  • Lightweight, comfortable, modular

  • Prescription lenses available



Remote Device and Media Management

Deploying devices, managing user accounts and controlling media is seamless.

  • Link and unlink devices to users

  • Invite unlimited users to viewing accounts

  • Manage privacy settings

  • Search, download, delete, manage recorded broadcasts

  • Analyze usage statistics





Stay connected with mobile companion apps.




Change settings like frame rate, exposure, white balance and more. In addition, control SMART glasses remotely without any touch to the glasses.



Connect the device to a Wifi network for streaming, turn on/off sound and LED notifications, change the resolution of your stream, and view your team's channels and live streams while on the go.


Drive Efficiency Gains Now

Slash Travel Costs.  Accelerate Communications.  Improve Productivity.  Cut Operating Costs.