Since the launch of our SMART series, the team at Pivothead has never stopped innovating. We continue to push the boundaries and capabilities of our hardware & software solution to provide a next-generation service for the future of business and consumer interactions.


Over time, we have collaborated with many organizations on our R&D such as Microsoft Cognitive Services, Intel, and more to enhance what can be done with the transformative Pivothead system.


What is the Developer Program?

The Pivothead Developer Program was designed for organizations and individuals who wish to use Pivothead's SDK and developer hardware to build applications around the Pivothead SMART™ (Simple Modular Application-Ready Technology) platform.

The Developer Program allows organizations and individuals to unlock the stream from the eyewear and integrate the feed into their software platform. Developers can also take advantage of custom touch gesture creation, alert LED notifications, Bluetooth pairing, and more with the SDK. 


What products can I develop for?

The Pivothead SDK is applicable to Pivothead SMART™ Eyewear and SMARTMOD™ System.

SMART Eyewear




Who can join the Pivothead Developer Program?


The Pivothead Developer Program at this time is limited to individuals or organizations that have an in-depth knowledge of streaming technology and architecture and applications for use within the enterprise space.


If you have a question around the Developer Program, feel free to shoot us a note:


What can I do with the Pivothead SDK?

The Pivothead SDK gives users access to a variety of API calls to control Pivothead Eyewear - and most importantly - the ability to live stream.


Pivothead R&D Manager Benoit Chirouter demos simple gesture control and instant post-to-facebook functionality with the Pivothead SMART™ Live Dev Kit.

Pivothead R&D Manager Benoit Chirouter explains a sample application created by the Pivothead Dev team that uses the Pivothead SDK + a new LIVE streaming prototype to create a simple remote control Android App. 


Pivothead R&D Director Benoit Chirouter gives a brief introduction and glimpse at Pivothead LIVE - full HD 1080p live streaming over WiFi.

Pivothead R&D Manager Benoit Chirouter demonstrates a simple Pivothead-Twitter Integration application using the Pivothead SDK.


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