The interconnectivity of our generation through technology is inescapable. Our screens have become our portal to the world as we miss what’s in front of us. With Pivothead, you live in the moment while still permitting technology to connect you to your audience. Teleport your perspective using our robust platform so you may continue living and experiencing.
— Christopher D. Cox, Pivothead Founder & CEO


Pivothead TV

Your live broadcasts can be seen by anyone, anywhere on ANY device through our robust portal customized for enterprise and consumers alike.

Pivothead.TV is your portal to live, point-of-view webcasting. You create your own channel in Pivothead.TV that becomes your personal broadcast portal. Then share the channel with friends, invite other users to view your broadcasts, follow other channels and more.

Once you’ve configured your channel,  a swipe on the side of your SMART eyewear will begin broadcasting your point-of-view. As long as you’ve got WiFi, you’re broadcast-ready from any location.



Control Remotely


Control & share your broadcast anywhere with our Pivothead mobile apps.

Whether on a public-facing consumer/brand page or a private enterprise portal, you can live preview your recording, schedule your live streams, interact with other employee or audience members, and change a variety of technical settings so that the viewing experience from your channel is the best it can be. 



Connect Anywhere

SMART Control

Change settings like frame rate, exposure, white balance and more. In addition, control SMART glasses remotely without any touch to the glasses.

Android       iOS

Pivothead LIVE

Manage your personal Pivothead TV channel as you interact with followers, schedule live streams, and engage with other streamers across the network.

Android       iOS


Bump the Broadcast


At the bottom right of each live and previously recorded broadcast you’ll see a small blue circle with a checkmark – that’s a “Bump” button.

If you like a video, “Bump” it – you can bump live events while they’re happening or even previous broadcasts.

The more Bumps a video receives, the longer the broadcast stays on the site. Live and previous broadcasts with the more Bumps rise to the top of their categories and are featured on Watch page.