Pivothead TV

Pivothead.TV is a public facing, point-of-view webcasting platform.   Within minutes of unboxing your smart eyewear and live mod, you will configure your own personalized live streaming channel on Pivothead.tv.  Your eyewear will be remember your channel, so each time you power on and trigger the live stream, your broadcast will appear on your channel over the internet. 

Any viewer, anywhere in the world, can access your live stream directly from any of the popular web browsers.



Channel Yourself

Live Stream

Playback on Demand

Personalize your Channel

Title, Tag, and Share

Schedule & Notify



Connect Anywhere

SMART Control

Change settings like frame rate, exposure, white balance and more. In addition, control SMART glasses remotely without any touch to the glasses.

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Pivothead LIVE

Manage your personal Pivothead TV channel as you interact with followers, schedule live streams, and engage with other streamers across the network.

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