Pivothead is proud to be an integral part of a new documentary - The Ride to Rio.  A truly remarkable feat of endurance and the human spirit.  Inspiring stuff!  Check out an overview of the film below - including the flim's premise, links to the film's website & facebook pages - and, of course, the film's trailer.  Congratulations to Dominic, Andy, Josh, Miguel and all involved!

“On October 1st 2012 Dominic Smith, Andy Robinson, Josh Orem and Miguel Ortiz left their homes in Los Angeles, CA and rode bicycles due south. 6 months later they arrived, with Mark Boyd in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A film chronicling their adventures will be available in December 2013.

Many thanks to everyone who supported us, and to Pivothead for giving us the awesome cameras we used for a large portion of the film! The long, painful process of editing all the footage from a 6 month adventure awaits.”

Pivothead – True Life Recording.  Hands-Free High Definition. Point-of-View (POV) 1080p Video and 8 Megapixel Image capture.
All wrapped up in next-generation wearable computing hardware.