Pivothead was featured in Rolling Stone's Summer Festival Gear Guide. Curious what you should bring to this summer's festivals? Find out here.

There are two ways to shoot a festival set: Suffer a sore arm (and anger the folks standing behind you!) by holding your shaky hand in the air for an hour; or strap on these combination sunglasses-video camera. On the shade side: Four different frames (and a ton of colors) to choose from. On the camera side: 1080p HD video and 8-megapixel still shots. Sure, they aren't Google Glass, but until you get your hands on that techie white whale, they'll do.

Pivothead – True Life Recording.  Hands-Free High Definition. Point-of-View (POV) 1080p Video and 8 Megapixel Image capture.

All wrapped up in next-generation wearable computing hardware.