About Pivothead

Pioneers in Video and Network Connected Eyewear

Founded in 2010, Pivothead has set the standard for imaging performance,  innovation and style in the realm of eyewear embedded cameras. 

Before terms such as “wearable tech” and “smart glass” ever entered the common lexicon, Pivothead launched the world’s first 1080p video recording glasses with four unique models and 16 distinct styles comprised of various lens and color options. 

As the first global brand specializing in the combination of stylish eyewear and feature-rich high quality cameras, Pivothead is committed to innovating the next generation of wearable cameras as a means of enhancing the usability of how content is captured and shared as well as enriching interactive real-time communication experiences.

A Communications Platform

At work. At play.

The SMART Series product line generation is more than a release of new, feature-rich hardware.  It is complemented by end-to-end real-time software communication tools that mark the transition of Pivothead from just a cool consumer electronic gadget to that of a smart, network-connected device-as-a-software-service (DaaSS). 

Owning a pair of the next-gen SMART eyewear and Live Mod Set means that you will also have an almost bionic capability to share your visual and auditory real-time experiences around the world on your personal broadcast channel on Pivothead TV

For businesses, we are working with Fortune 500 companies to build enterprise-specific capabilities into the platform that allows for customer engagement on an unprecedented scale, as well as building two-way POV communication and mobile device management systems that deliver mission-critical internal communication initiatives that will increase efficiencies, save cost, and for some applications, expand revenues.

Whether at work, or at play, Pivothead is building a transformative communications wearable architecture platform.

Startup mentality with global reach.

Denver | Taipei | Shanghai

With offices around the world, Pivothead provides top-of-the-line design, support, and development.
This allows us to push the envelope further into R&D, quality control, and new products.

Pivothead in the News

As we push the world of wearable technology, Pivothead continues to receive accolades and media attention for product innovation and market disruption. Below are some of the organizations that Pivothead has been featured in over the years:

Our favorite moments.

Our users and partners have created some of the most unique first-person perspectives the world has ever seen - and we're just getting started. From music videos, sporting events, live television and more, Pivothead shades have provided the world with a non-disruptive wearable technology that keeps you in the moment to experience the best of life.

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