Pivothead Wearable Imaging

Pivothead Wearable Imaging


For Business


A Device-as-a-Service that enhances communications, increases efficiencies, and allows businesses to achieve productivity gains by communicating mission critical tasks quickly and reducing travel time and costs.



For Individuals


Our immersive platform provides users with the capability to enjoy what's in front of them while still sharing to their digital audience — all inside a fashionable pair of glasses decked out with state-of-the-art technology.



Live Stream Your View


Pivothead is a technology company changing the way businesses and individuals communicate. The Pivothead TV Platform is based on layering hands-free, direct point-of-view visual perspectives and other context-rich data into real-time, remote communications.

We provide users with a practical and affordable out-of-the box solution that makes communication more efficient for mission-critical and day-to-day activities. Pivothead’s solutions increase remote communications productivity for businesses, consumers, and beyond. 

With Pivothead SMART, you are able to live stream your perspective across the world in real-time through Pivothead TV's web and mobile applications.


Stay In The Moment


Pivothead eyewear is a simple, yet sophisticated way to capture life’s greatest moments.

With Pivothead, you’ve chosen a pair of shades that contains some of the most advanced technological features yet built into eyewear.

And with our SMART glasses, you can live stream your perspective and share the world the way you see it.



The strong success of the Original Series has paved the way for SMART Architect Edition. Upgraded to a lightweight, square frame design with touch panel controls, improved LED notification, and the ability to live stream to your own broadcast channel on Pivothead TV.



The Original

Pivothead Original Series was the first 1080p HD eyewear on the market. Using a simple toggle button, you are able to capture a single image, bursts, time-lapse as well as HD video and audio.



What can you do with Pivothead?

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